Saturday, July 7, 2007

So What Do We Do Now That the "Motu Proprio" is Out?

The Catholic blogosphere is naturally abuzz with discussion of the "Motu Proprio" released by the Vatican today. I came across a couple of really good posts with some practical advice for those of us Catholics who are supportive of the new policy.

First, Shawn Tribe from "The New Liturgical Movement" passed along some great advice from one of his readers who is a priest about how to convince one's local parish to start offering the Tridentine Mass. The post is entitled "After the Motu Proprio is released: advice from a Parish Priest".

Second, Richard Salbato from Unity Publishing wrote an excellent article in the May issue of his newsletter called "Learning the Tridentine Mass" explaining what parish churches, priests, and worshippers need to know about the Tridentine Mass. This information may seem basic to those who remember the way things were prior to Vatican II and for those who already attend a TLM. Bear in mind, however, that the majority of Catholics of my generation have never worshipped at a Tridentine Mass. A growing number have embraced orthodoxy but have not had the opportunity to attend a Tridentine Mass because of their limited availability.

Third, Father Jim Tucker over at "Dappled Things" has a great post from a few years ago called "7 Tips for Participating in the Traditional Mass". Again, it's geared towards newbies. (HT: Drew from "Shrine of the Holy Whapping").

I'll post links to other helpful articles as I come across them!

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