Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 on Tuesday: A Few of my Favorite Things

The theme of this week's Ten on Tuesday is "10 of my favorite things".

1. My daughter and son2. My husband3. The Red Sox4. Boston5. Autumn in New England6. Cooking7. Reading8. Blogging9. Impressionist paintings
10. God


Patois said...

I love your list and your photos, and I'm sorry I didn't put God on my list. Shame.

Julie said...

Great photos! Those babies are so cute :)

Julie www.xanga.com/ilovegoaliesplits

Anonymous said...

Great list! When I was a jr. in high school, I lived right outside of Boston. I love the city as well.
Thanks for stopping by!

pjd said...

Ah yes, I also miss Boston and autumn in New England. Sigh.

JennieBoo said...

Your #20 is by far the best!

I didn't know how to represent Him.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy WW!

Sonya said...

Love your list! Cooking would have been on my list also if I'd had more space! LOL!

Just Expressing Myself said...

My very New York daughter married a New Englander who is a die hard Sox fan. My daughetr loves the Yankees. When the two teams play each other the loser wears the winning teams cap for a week. It's too funny.
Thanks for sharing,