Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Motu Proprio" Expanding Use of Tridentine Mass to be Released on July 7th?

New Catholic over at Rorate Caeli has a bunch of posts suggesting that the Vatican may release the expected "moto proprio" expanding the use of the 1962 Tridentine Latin Mass on July 7th.

I've never worshipped at a Tridentine Mass and my current diocese has not granted any indults for its use. There is one over at St. Margaret Mary in Oakland and one at Our Lady of Peace down in Santa Clara but those are just too far for us :-(

I'm not sure I would want to attend a Tridentine Mass every Sunday while our kids are small (we have enough of a challenge getting them to behave through a Novus Ordo Mass), but I would be interested in perhaps attending once a month by myself if one were offered locally.

Most parishes offer multiple weekend Masses. My current parish offers 6- shouldn't one of those be the Tridentine Rite? Perhaps it could be the 7:30 A.M. Sunday service since serious Catholics would not mind getting up early in order to celebrate a Traditional Latin Mass.

UPDATE: The Vatican has released the official Latin text and both Catholic World News and the USCCB home page have unofficial English translations.

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Jason said...

Why would you suggest having the one Tridentine Mass out of the six at your parish at 7:30 am? That is the same mind set that the bishops have had that makes this motu proprio necessary. If the bishops had made the Tridentine convenient and plentiful in every diocese there wouldn't have needed to be a motu proprio in the first place. If I was Pope Benedict XVI I would mandate every parish's most principal Mass (ours is at 11am) be a Latin Tridentine Mass and require bishops to petition the Vatican for each and every Mass said in the vernacular and then deny deny deny the permission, just like the bishops denied permission for the Tridentine! Oh, that's right after I defrocked every bishop that was petitioned for a Tridentine Mass in his diocese and didn't grant a single one. I'd start with Cardinal LeVada.