Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cool-Looking Products for Father-Child Bonding

The website has an interview with Mark Jacobsen, the founder of a website called "Adventure Boys". Although Mr. Jacobsen intended the "Adventure Boys" series of books, games, and toys to be a way for fathers to connect with their sons and "reclaim boyhood", really the products could be used with a child of either sex. Plenty of little girls would love to spend time with their daddies learning magic tricks, building model cars & boats, making an action movie, learning to tie knots, or even playing silly pranks on others.

It's important for kids to get one-on-one bonding time with both parents, and most dads aren't exactly interested in playing tea party or going on an outing to the ballet (at least my dad wasn't and neither is my DH). The "Adventure Boys" products look like just the type of stuff perfect for DH to do with the kids once they're old enough for them.


gloria said...

Hi Crimson Wife,
I was just checking out your blog and thought I would say hey. It looks great!
I also am a home school mom. Both of my girls home schooled all the way through. The oldest finished colleges last year. and my 19 year old is working at a state park as a naturalist. I use to have the same job she has now and they did their school work either in the office or overlooking the river. I am a gluten I guess because I now have a near three year old daughter that is and will be home schooled.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I guess I got it wrong about BlogHer Act because I just found out that people don't have to be registered on BlogHer to vote on the global issue they think BlogHer should focus on for a year. Anyone can vote from the 25th to the 27th. Would you mind encouraging other people to look at my site and at the BlogHer site so they could consider whether or not they would like to vote for sexual exploitation of children to be the issue?

Matilda said...

That looks like a great website. We have been enjoying The Dangerous Book for Boys lately and Adventure Boys looks right up our alley.