Tuesday, June 26, 2007

10 on Tuesday: Favorite Bands

The theme of this week's "Ten on Tuesday" is 10 favorite bands of all time. There have been so many great bands over the years that it was really hard to narrow the list down to just 10. In no particular order:

1. Eagles
2. U2
3. Beatles
4. Creedence Clearwater Revival/Revisited
5. Police
6. REM
7. Bon Jovi
8. Heart
9. Alabama
10. Duran Duran (guilty pleasure I know!)


pjd said...

Hadn't thought of Heart, but that's a good one. Looks like we have very similar tastes in music, generally.

Patois said...

You've got some ones I'd love to have included. I'll kick myself for not thinking of REM, Heart or CCR. I'd admit to having been a fan of the Monkees, but I'd never ever admit to Duran Duran. That's like admitting to liking Wham, isn't it?

Jolene said...

I love Heart and I forgot to include them. I actually remembered on my way home from work. Have to turn the volume up when they come on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)Duran Duran rocks! Not at all on a similiar level as Wham!. Hee! I always forget about rem. I enjoy their music too.

Surfergirl said...

gosh i love HEART too! there's just so many..cant fit all in 10 :P i love the 80's bands generally. Duran Duran, I also love :)

Bubba's Sis said...

I like Duran Duran, too! And the Monkees! :-)

We have quite a bit of overlap on our lists - you have great taste in music! ;-)

Barbara Frank said...

I'm with you on Heart, but I would have put Chicago in at #1....guess that shows my age :)

Clockworkchris said...

Easier for me to say who I don't agree with. I really like your list. 8 and 9 I am not that sure of but the first 7 are great and I love Duran Duran as well.