Monday, May 7, 2007

Rocket in Pinstripes? Say it Ain't So!

Yesterday's announcement that Roger Clemens will pitch for the Yankees marks the second time now that current Sox management has dropped the ball on re-signing a marquee player. First we had to stomach a clean-cut Johnny Damon in pinstripes and now Rocket. Given that he'll be 45 in August and this could very well be his last season in MLB, it looks like there's a huge chance he'll be wearing that dreaded Yankees uniform forever in Cooperstown :-(

Oh, and Curt Schilling needs to just shut up about the Sox not needing Clemens. You can never have too much depth in your pitching. Remember last year when the Sox decided to trade away Bronson Arroyo and it came back to bite them in the you-know-where? Schilling, Wakefield, and Timlin are all on the wrong side of 40, Dice-K has had a couple of wild starts, Lester's health is still in question, Papelbon's shoulder is iffy, and so on. Beckett's been pitching great but what if his control issues from last season crop up again?

I grew up during the Clemens era at Fenway and it would be so great to see him pitching once more for the Sox. Maybe his pitching is not objectively worth $28 million for a partial season (that remains to be seen) but what's the worth in PR for Clemens to go to the Hall of Fame wearing a Sox uniform?

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