Monday, May 14, 2007

Prayer Request Update

I got an update from my aunt yesterday about my cousin's baby and tragically the news is not good. The excess amniotic fluid is now on the baby's brain and there is little hope of survival. The doctors suspect that it's due to a chromosomal defect called Trisomy 13 & they are going to do an amniocentesis today to confirm. Although a small percentage of children born with Trisomy 13 do survive, in this case the defects are so extensive that they are almost certainly incompatible with life. If the amnio confirms the suspected diagnosis, the doctors are planning to deliver the baby on Thursday. The hospital would provide palliative care to make her as comfortable as possible during her brief time here on Earth (most likely a matter of minutes) but would not take any aggressive measures to prolong her life.

Please keep my cousin, his wife, and their baby girl in your prayers during this very difficult time!

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