Thursday, May 17, 2007

Novena to St. Jude Day 2

I talked to my aunt earlier today and the situation with my cousin's baby has gotten even graver. The doctors did an ultrasound and have discovered a risk of placenta abruptio, which can be life-threatening to both the baby and mother. They expect to hear the preliminary results of the amnio tomorrow but even if it turns out normal, the chances that the baby will survive to 37 weeks are slim.

Please join me in praying to St. Jude, the patron saint of seemingly hopeless causes, for a miracle for my cousin's family!

O blessed apostle Jude, who has been instrumental in gathering us here together this day, grant that we may always serve Jesus Christ as he deserves to be served, giving of our best efforts in living as he wishes us to live. May we dispose our hearts and minds that God will always be inclined to listen to our prayers and petitions, especially those petitions which we entrust to your care and for which we as you to plead for us:

for the health of my cousin's baby and wife

Grant that we may be enlightened as to what is best for us, in the present and future, not forgetting the blessings we have received in the past.


St. Jude, pray for us!

My Jesus, mercy!

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