Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update from the California Homeschool Network

The California Homeschool Network has posted an update to its legal page regarding the Long case.

Some highlights:

"The law in California has not changed. This is the opinion of one court. CHN strongly believes this opinion is incorrect, and homeschooling by using one of the alternatives to public school currently available under California law remains legal. The implications of this ruling and possible actions are currently being discussed by CHN, along with HSC, CHEA, Family Protection Ministry and HSLDA....

What can [homeschoolers] do to help?

Keep up to date on the information being provided by reliable sources, and support your state homeschool network by renewing your membership and/or volunteering so they may continue to have the resources to monitor this type of activity.

Should we continue to stand behind the legal option we are currently using?

Absolutely. CHN maintains that California law allows several viable options to enrollment in a public school. One of these options is to enroll in a private school. Private schools are not required by California law to employ credentialled teachers, and there is no restriction in the law specifying that a private school must be of a certain size or that parents may not operate a private school in which their own children are enrolled."

I second the recommendation to join one of the 3 statewide homeschooling organizations: CHN, the Homeschool Association of California, or the Christian Home Educators Association of California. Please note that the first two are "inclusive" groups, but CHEA of CA has a "Statement of Faith" that individuals should read carefully and consider whether they are comfortable with prior to joining. And this Catholic Christian will just leave it at that, LOL!

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