Friday, March 7, 2008

HSC Legal Team Advises Homeschoolers to Remain Calm

The Homeschool Association of California's legal team has issued a plea to homeschoolers concerned about the Long case to remain calm & not panic. You can read the full post here.

The key points (emphasis added):

"We DO NOT want every HSC member or HSLDA member or grandmother or irate citizen dashing off their letters to the Supreme Court. There are sober, measured, legal arguments to make about why depublication [of the Second Appellate Court ruling] is appropriate, and those arguments are made after researching the applicable standards, etc. The Supreme Court will not be swayed positively by public outcry. In fact, it could backfire, and backfire badly....

I would be personally, professionally, and, as a representative of HSC, globally grateful if everyone on this list would calm down and ask others to calm down. Specifically, I would ask people:

a. Not to write to the Supreme Court or any court.

b. Not to talk to their legislators or make any public statements about a need for legislation.

c. Tell their neighbors, friends, lists, groups both of the above and to educate them about the choices available and about how panic isn't necessary, marches on Sacramento aren't necessary, etc.

I wish this were the type of situation where we could put the fury, passion and energy of the members of this list to good use. Trust me, if we end up having to go the legislative route, we will have that situation at some points. But this isn't that type of situation, and too many folks stirring things up hurts instead of helps."

HSC is working hard in conjunction with many other groups such as CHN, HSLDA, CHEA of CA, the Family Protection Ministries, and the Pacific Justice Institute to get the appellate court ruling "depublished" and avoid opening up a can of worms with the state legislature.

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