Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Bit of Satire to Lighten the Mood

TheSpoof.com is a satirical news site similar to the Onion. It has an absolutely hilarious spoof of the Long case entitled "California parents arrested -- Caught Home-schooling their children without a teaching credential".

Some highlights:

"Setting up a special task force virtually overnight, SWAT teams and truant officers armed with arrest warrants and automatic weapons began rounding up wayward parents, and against their will placing their child in protective custody and enrolling them in public schools throughout the state.

Originally thought to be a logistical nightmare, distinguishing home-schooled children from that of the public school system, officials quickly learned they could gather up a list of suspects from last year's contestants, finalists and winners of the National Spelling Bee Contest, unusually high SAT scores and any kid who passed a random drug screen and/or pregnancy test.

'Also, we followed home any polite, courteous or well adjusted child,"'said Dug Martinez, SWAT Commander. 'Oh, and any kid we caught actually doing their homework at the library.'

...Listed among the home-schooling educational material seized by police: copies of 'Plato's Republic; The Prince; The Magna Carta; The Federalist Papers; The Declaration of Independence; The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.'"

Love it!

(HT: Greg Laden)

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Jim Hoerricks said...

Thanks for keeping it light hearted. It's been a tough week to be a home schooling parent.

Jim Hoerricks
Author and home school dad