Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Next Let's Ask the Slaughterhouse Owner What He Thinks of Vegetarianism

The San Francisco Chronicle has a short article on the Second Appellate Court's decision to re-hear the Long case. What caught my eye and made my jaw drop was this excerpt (emphasis added):

"But the three-judge panel in the homeschooling case hinted at a re-evaluation of its entire Feb. 28 ruling by inviting written arguments from state and local education officials and teachers' unions."

The local school districts and the teachers' union have major financial conflicts of interest when it comes to evaluating homeschooling. Every child who is educated at home rather than in the local government-run school represents thousands of dollars in state and Federal funding not received. Approximately 2/3 of education spending goes to pay teachers' salaries and benefits. The local districts and teachers' union therefore have a vested interest in making homeschooling as difficult as possible in order to discourage families from leaving the government-run schools (or never enrolling their children in them to begin with).

The Second Appellate Court should instead be inviting arguments from legal scholars as well as academic ones who focus on homeschooling such as Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute.

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