Monday, March 10, 2008

Resolution in Support of Homeschooling Introduced

According to Karen Taylor of the California Homeschool Network, California Assemblyman Joel Anderson (R-El Cajon) has introduced a resolution ACR 115 supporting homeschooling and calling on the Supreme Court to reverse the Second Appellate Court ruling in the Long case. Although neither CHN nor any of the other homeschooling groups were involved in drafting this resolution, CHN is requesting that California residents supportive of homeschooling contact their legislators & ask them to vote for resolution ACR 115. If you do not know the contact info for your Assemblyman/woman, you can check here (click on the "find my district" button on the left-hand menu).
According to CHN, the resolution reads as follows:
"Assembly Concurrent Resolution

WHEREAS, Some thirty years of experience with the modern
homeschooling movement in California demonstrates that home school
graduates take up responsible positions as parents, as students in
and graduates of Colleges and Universities, in the workplace, and as
citizens in society at large; and

WHEREAS, Homeschooling by California families with diverse
backgrounds has historically given children a quality education
through proven, independent approaches that nurture valuable family
bonds and support successful student development; and

WHEREAS, private homeschooling has a long and rich history in the
State of California, currently estimated as involving 200,000
students in the State of California, and 2,000,000 students nationwide; and

WHEREAS the United States Supreme Court has ruled that parents have a
fundamental constitutional right to direct the education and
upbringing of their children (Wisconsin v. Yoder, Pierce v. Society
of Sisters, Meyer v. Nebraska); and

WHEREAS, On February 28, 2008, the Court of Appeals for the Second
Appellate District in Los Angeles issued an opinion in the case of In
Re: Rachel L. holding that homeschooling without a teaching
credential is not legal; and

WHEREAS, This misguided interpretation denies California parents'
primary responsibility and right to determine the best place and
manner of their own children's education; and

WHEREAS, The fair opportunity of California families to educate their
children should not be undermined; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate
thereof concurring, that the Legislature hereby calls upon the
California Supreme Court to reverse the opinion.

RESOLVED, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of
this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution."
CHN is recommending phone calls given the time-sensitive nature of the matter.

UPDATE: Debbie Schwarzer from the Homeschool Association of California's legal team has also weighed in in favor of contacting legislators asking them to support ACR 115:

"This is one case where I do encourage members of HSC and all other homeschoolers in the state to contact their representatives (currently, just the Assemblymembers, as it is not pending before the Senate and will just confuse your Senator's office if you call now) and encourage them to vote in favor of ACR 115....Calls are fine, but letters faxed to the office are even better, as they then retain tangible evidence of their constituents' positions. Emails are often ignored, so please call or fax if possible. It is best to give your name, the city and/or Assembly District you live in and the name of the resolution (ACR 115), to state that you educate your children at home (or support those who do) and wish the right of California families to continue to have that option with minimal government intervention, and to state your desire that Assemblymember ______ vote in favor of ACR 115 by Joel Anderson."

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