Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Going to Be One Heck of an Election Day...

...if the lines for the early voting in my county are any indication. I'd been hearing predictions of a heavy voter turnout for next Tuesday's election for a while now, so when I happened to be over near the county elections office this morning I decided to swing by and cast an early ballot. Even though it was mid-morning on a Wednesday, the place was mobbed. I had to wait about half an hour before it was my turn.

As I was leaving, I happened to remark to a Fed-Ex deliveryman that I was surprised to see it so crowded. He told me that it'd been that way for the past couple of weeks!

Although I have a feeling that I may not be too happy with the outcome of this year's election, I do think on the whole it's a good thing for our country for its citizens to show a higher level of civic engagement than has been the norm in recent years.


~M~ said...

Where do you live?
I'm in Florida, voted last Tuesday and I waiting in line for 2 hours.
I think it's a good sign.
I do not remember the lines like this in the last election.

Henry Cate said...

I had not realized you could vote ahead of time. I guess I was out to lunch when that was mentioned. Thanks for the informaiton.

My hope is we have more informed voters. The big thing isn't how many people vote, but how many people really understand the issues when they vote.

Crimson Wife said...

Here in CA, any registered voter can cast his/her ballot up to 29 days ahead of time at the county elections office. Mine had both electronic voting machines set up and paper ballots.

Momma said...

i voted by much easier than waiting in a line. I recommend it. :)