Saturday, October 18, 2008

Any Suggestions for Relieving Pregnancy-Induced Isomnia?

I've tried drinking chamomile tea, I've tried reading a dull book, I've tried yoga and I'm *STILL* not tired. This has been happening a fair amount lately, and also I've been waking up in the middle of the night & then having trouble falling back asleep :-(

Anybody got ideas for how a mom-to-be who really needs to catch some Z's can do so?


Kristina said...

Have you thought about playing slow music. I know a lot of the time when I can't sleep or don't feel tired it's because my brain isn't tired. If I play music, it interupts my thoughts just enough that I can sometimes fall asleep.

Also, lying in bed and thinking of someone s-l-o-w-l-y massaging each part of my body and counting very s-l-o-w-l-y while they do it, seems to be a big help. Good luck.

Nancy said...

This is a for sure way to take care of insomnia....order a $4.99 movie on PayPerView or'll be sure to fall asleep before you can finish it!! I promise, it works every time!!

christinemm said...

Crimson Wife thanks for leaving comments on my blog in this last week. I am happy to know you're reading my posts!

I agree with your comment on moral relativism.

That was a big topic in "Ships Without a Shore", a book I have praised numerous times on my blog. It is dry but mind-blowing. Have you read it?

Today I blogged two posts I think you will also enjoy. These topics all intertwine with the post on younger people being non-thinkers. One post is about a BookTV lecture by Charles Murray on a new books of his and the second is about Trophy Kids, also about a brand new book. Check out my posts and please do leave your thoughts. I am SURE you will have something to day.

christinemm said...

BTW I also had pregnancy insomnia and there is no cure.

I was tossing and turning so much in the last weeks with both pregnancies I moved myself to the guest bed as I felt more free to turn a light on to read at 4am or to toss and turn to my heart's content without bugging my husband.

I used to try to rest or nap during the day to make up for it with my second pregnancy (when I was not working outside the home) but it was hard with a two year old to take care of and my nap didn't always jive with his. :(

Make sure your sugar intake is low, no chocolate, no caffiene and so on as they contributes to sleeping troubles.

Hang in there.

Barbara Frank said...

Have you tried sleeping with pillows propped strategically under or between your knees, behind your back, etc.? As I recall (though it's been quite a while), if I could get just the right level of comfort with the pillows, I'd conk out. :)

Timothy Power said...

My wife's suggestion: Try to hold a warm toddler on your lap while watching a Baby Einstein for the eleventy-third time. Guaranteed to knock her out every time.

Unfortunately, it only works for about thirty minutes....

(PS: The "Word Verification" word that I'm supposed to type in so Blogger can verify that I'm not spamming you, is "unspire". I hope my comment doesn't unspire you too much...)