Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anybody Use a Cloth Diapering Service?

I've always been tempted to cloth diaper but frankly have never wanted to deal with the hassle of so much additional laundry. With my previous 2 babies, there's never been a diaper service available where I was living. This time around, I've found a service called Tiny Tots that's based out of Campbell and delivers to my area.

Their monthly price isn't really a huge premium over what I'd be paying for disposables so I'm seriously considering giving it a try.

Has anybody out there used a cloth diapering service? If so, were you satisfied with the quality of the diapers and the customer service?

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, CW,

I am catching up and I saw your note. I used a cloth diaper service for the first year with the Boychick. The first three months were a gift we received at his Bris. I was very satisfied with the service we got, and since I used diaper covers, I did not even have the pin problems common to new mothers. With the diaper covers, the cloth was so convenient that we didn't even use the whole box of disposables we received at the baby shower.
Toilet training went smoothly and somewhat early. I think this was because cloth diapers are more noticeably uncomfortable when that time comes.

Good luck and Buen Parto!