Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ultrasound Results

I'm very relieved to report that the ultrasound I had this afternoon showed a healthy-looking baby girl who is only a little small for her gestational age (measuring about a week behind). The technician said that's within the normal range and that the doppler flow measurements of the baby's blood vessels looked good :-)

Thanks everyone for your prayers!


Alice Gunther said...

Thrilled to hear it! God bless you and your new little girl!

Love2Learn Mom said...

So happy to hear your good news!

Kirsten said...

Good news.

Dana said...

Oh, how relieving! And I'm getting one of those soon. And we should be finding out if we are having girl number four or boy number two.

The kids were disappointed that their solution to the argument of what s/he should be wasn't heeded. After much debate, they decided twins would be the best, with one boy and one girl. Ha!