Friday, April 18, 2008

Update from HSC on CA Homeschooling Issues

The Homeschool Association of California's president, Leslie Buchanan, has updated HSC members on the status of the Long case appeal and the pro-homeschooling Assembly Resolution ACR 115. Some highlights:

" We can't talk a lot about our strategy, but all of the big statewide groups and HSLDA are busy working on amicus briefs [for the re-hearing of the Long case]. These are due by mid-May. After we file ours, we get to read all of the ones that others have filed, and we will have an opportunity to file reply briefs that argue against points in those other briefs.

The court had said that the hearing would be put on the June calendar, so we're expecting that. We don't know if the hearing will be open to the public, but if it is, those who are interested in the legal process and who can get to LA might find it
interesting. Courts can take several months to reach a decision and write a new opinion after the hearing, so it will probably be fall before we hear more.

ACR 115, Joel Anderson's resolution in support of homeschooling, is still alive. It has been assigned to the Assembly Education Committee. Right now, the committee is busy dealing with all of the bills that have a fiscal impact, as there is a firm deadline for either sending those to the full floor or killing them. The author's office thinks that a hearing on ACR 115 will be scheduled some time in the weeks after that April 18 deadline. We have asked if the author would like for homeschoolers to attend the committee hearing, and have not yet heard back. But if the author does want people to attend, we will be asking those who can come to Sacramento to do so (with their reasonably well-scrubbed and well-behaved children, of course)."
Glad to know that HSC and the other homeschooling groups are continuing to work on behalf of California's homeschoolers- their efforts are much appreciated!


jennifer said...

Thanks for the update; I'll be looking forward to hearing what happens through the summer.

Ellen said...

I've started a new homeschool meme for Mondays and I thought that you might be interested. If you want to participate, just write a post about a highlight from your past week of home learning. Then, come to my blog and sign Mr. Linky.