Friday, January 23, 2009

Heart-Warming Link

Earlier this afternoon, the baby was asleep in my arms and I was sipping tea and flipping through this week's edition of the Archdiocese newspaper. I came across the following column by Ginny Kubitz Moyer (who blogs over at "Mary & Me"). Maybe it's just the wacky post-partum hormones, but it brought me to tears.
"it's not really the clothes I want to keep forever. It's this age, the beautiful baby months when Luke smiles his gummy smile, learns to hold his rattle, and laughs with the glee of the very new.

I love it, this sweet time when he fits perfectly against my shoulder, when his little body smells of warmth and sleep and babyhood.

No, I can't make the earth, or time, stand still.

But, like all moms, I'd give anything to try."

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