Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gadget Lust

I'm generally a fairly frugal and pragmatic individual, but there's something about the very end of pregnancy that makes me start pining after stuff I don't really need and don't really have the disposable cash in my budget to purchase.

Fortunately, the first thing is something that I probably couldn't find anyways: a Wii Fit system.
Now, DH has had a PlayStation 2 system for a number of years that I have never used. Video games are simply not something I find interesting. I'd much rather spend my free time reading or cooking or surfing the 'Net or whatever. But the Wii Fit looks really cool!

Intellectually, I know that I already own plenty of stuff to get a great home workout- a closet full of fitness gear and several shelves' worth of exercise DVD's. But part of me is like a spoiled child whining for the latest "hot" toy: "I don't wanna play with those things- I want THAT one!" Real mature, huh?

The second thing that I've been lusting after is another fitness gadget: the Nike + iPod system. I've already got a decent pair of running shoes, mp3 player, and heart rate monitor that until recently I've been perfectly happy with. They just aren't all synced together in a high tech way. Again, intellectually I know it's not worth spending ~$150 on an iPod Nano, ~$90-120+ for a pair of Nike+ shoes, and ~$29 for the kit to make them work together. BUT that doesn't stop the spoiled brat part of me from wanting it...

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