Thursday, November 20, 2008

Average American Fails Civic Literacy Quiz

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has released the results of its 3rd annual Civic Literacy quiz, and they're pretty dismal. 71% of respondents failed the quiz; the average score was only 49% correct. A mere 0.8% of those surveyed received an "A", yikes! Those in my age group (25-34) got only 46% correct. College graduates only did slightly better than average, with a still mediocre 57%.

I'm pleased that I only missed one question, for a score of 96.97 % :-) And it was an economics-related question, which is a subject I have never formally studied. I had narrowed down the choices to 2 possibilities and simply guessed wrong.

You can take the quiz here.


Barbara Frank said...

Thanks for sharing that link....I scored 88%, which is ok but not what I wanted! Don't tell my kids as they could probably do better :)

Kirsten said...

I got the 96% also. I missed the question that the test designers thought was very important about the Gettysburg address.