Monday, April 9, 2007

Time Running Out for Little Emilio Gonzales

Please keep seventeen month old Emilio Gonzales and his mother Catarina in your prayers as Children's Hospital of Austin is scheduled to take him off his respirator tomorrow, April 10th!

A nationwide search for a hospital willing to accept him as a transfer patient has resulted in refusals by more than 30 hospitals.

Lawyers for the Gonzales family are making a last-ditch appeal to Travis County judge Guy Herman for a restraining order blocking the hospital from removing Emilio from the respirator while they continue working to locate a facility for Emilio.

According to lawyer Joshua Carden, Emilio's death by asphyxiation would be painful: "It's not like he'll just drift quietly off." Texas law prohibits doctors from giving Emilio the type of medications that death row inmates receive to make their executions more humane. Only in Texas would an innocent little boy be forced to endure more suffering than a convicted murderer!

Not that I support capital punishment or feel that Emilio's life matters more than someone else's. The death penalty and euthanasia are both part of the "culture of death" in our society, along with abortion, unjust war, and so on. All human life is sacred from conception through natural death and we should not "play God" in deliberately cutting it short prematurely.

My heart goes out to little Emilio and his mom Catarina. I can't imagine the anguish she must be feeling right now. May God watch over them both!

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