Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time for Common Sense on Gun Control

I'm not anti-gun per se, but the whole Virginia Tech tragedy has led me to question why someone taking psychiatric medication is legally allowed to purchase a handgun? It's just plain common sense that a depressed individual like Cho Seung-Hui is much more likely to do harm to himself or others with a gun than he is to use it for a legitimate purpose such as hunting or self-defense. We bar criminals from legally purchasing a gun- why not bar those with mental illnesses as well?

Yes, it's possible that Cho Seung-Hui might still have been able to get his hands on a gun illegally had he been prevented from purchasing one legally. Gun owners have a responsibility to safeguard their weapons from being stolen. Law enforcement ought to act more aggressively against the black market for guns. All these things absolutely should be done. However, they doesn't reduce the need for common sense reform of gun laws to reduce the likelihood of a mentally ill individual will acquire a potentially deadly weapon.

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