Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank Goodness for Blogging

I'm a voracious reader and typically read 2-3 dozen books per year. It can be difficult at times for me to remember exactly which books I have read vs. which ones I've only heard about. On occasion, I've requested a book through the inter-library loan program only to discover I've already read it.

I almost did this again just now, but then I had this nagging suspicion I'd read the book in question. Sure enough, a quick check of my blog revealed that I had. Not even 6 months ago!

Is this a sign of getting old(er) or just that all this homebuying & moving nonsense has taken its toll on me?


christinemm said...

I get confused about the books I really wanted to read but didn't have access to, then later found cheap at a library sale but had not time to read, then later say "I should read that" and forget I own it.

I started a book database in 2003 in Excel but due to typo's twice the search came up empty then I bought the book again new, then found the second copy, and realized I'd made a typo in the title in Excel. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I love the way my blog archives my life. I too just did a post on that very subject.

Anonymous said...

I write down all the titles I read for myself or with my daughter. As I tell my daughter, a book is a ticket to a new place, so you ought to keep up with your travels.

Henry Cate said...

I went through a phase in my twenties where I'd write up one page summaries of books I read.

In my thirties I came across a book that sounded interesting. I read it. A couple weeks I came across a review the book. I had no recollection of having already read it. It was a weird moment.