Friday, January 29, 2010

Tell CBS You Support Focus on the Family Tim Tebow Ad!

As you probably already know, CBS has come under fire from pro-abortion groups for agreeing to run a Focus on the Family ad during next week's Super Bowl featuring the story of homeschool graduate and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. Tebow's mother had received pressure from her doctor to abort but her Christian faith led her to continue her pregnancy. It's a heartwarming story, and one so compelling that it's really frightened the pro-abortion lobby.

The folks over at have put together a petition to CBS in support of their decision to run the ad. Please consider signing it to let the network know you stand with the Tebows and Focus on the Family in defense of those innocent unborn babies whose very lives are at stake.

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christinemm said...

The ad was so tame! Since I didn't see it on the Superbowl I watched it on YouTube.

I said the same thing on my parent's last anniversary on FB and some people got upset. All I said was I was so happy to be alive and happy abortion was not legal back then or I might not be here. My parent's choice to marry on that date was because I was conceived and was not planned for. They have always said they were in love and did want to marry sometime but the pregnancy with me sealed the deal and earlier than expected.

I also know a mom who went into preterm labor with a baby with a heart defect and the boy was born at 20 weeks! He is 10 years old today. The doctors had suggested abortion and the mother refused. The boy has some learning issues and physical challenges due to his heart condition and a surgeon's error during a surgery but he has brought joy to their family as well.

It is not all about the woman--abortion. We should be thinking about the person that 'fetal tissue' will become as a PERSON.