Friday, September 4, 2009

How the Home Educator Recognizes it's Time to Move on to the Next Subject

The task in her grammar workbook was to write creative sentences imitating the structure of sentences from literature. The last one in the section was to imitate the following model:
"It appeared in the dusk as a crouched and shadowy animal, silent, gloomy, capable." - from "An Underground Episode" by Edmund Ware.
After being reprimanded several times for not focusing on her grammar lesson, Miss Scarlet finally dictated the following:
"The mother wrote in the morning like a terrifying and furious monster, mean, horrible, and abusive."
Somebody better call CPS to report the horrible abuse of teaching grammar...


christinemm said...

Thanks for making me laugh this morning! Love this.

Henry Cate said...

That is pretty funny. Maybe you save it and share it with your grandchildren. :-)