Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby #19 on the Way for the Duggars

Their 18th is only 8 months old, but Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have announced that she is 12 weeks along with baby #19. Wow!

My youngest, Princess P., is the same age and I can't even begin to think about having another one so soon. I'm still adjusting to the 3 I've got now! DH does talk about wanting a fourth but I'm taking things one baby at a time. With Miss Scarlet and Rusty, I didn't start feeling like I was up to the challenge of having an additional child until about their second birthday.

Of course, had God seen fit to bless us with a new pregnancy sooner than that, we would've found a way to make things work. I do strongly believe that babies should be seen as blessings rather than burdens. But I just can't begin to imagine how Michelle Duggar and other moms who have very large & closely spaced families manage it.


JJ Ross said...

She apparently is extremely unusual in every way, including reproductively. Is she in Guiness record book territory yet?

Crimson Wife said...

Who knows how reliable the claim is, but the greatest number of children supposedly born to one mother is 69. An 18th century Russian, Mrs. Fyodor Vassilet allegedly gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets.

Mrs. Duggar probably holds some sort of record for an American woman in the modern era.

Anonymous said...


JJ Ross said...

She hasn't had many multiples though, right? If we were to count separate pregnancies rather than number of children, she's not too old yet and has to be pushing up into the apocryphal Russian woman's range on that basis (I make it 27 total pregnancies.)