Saturday, April 25, 2009

One More Reason to Feel Old

Rusty's speech therapist has given me a packet of various oral motor and vocabulary exercises for daily practice at home. One page in particular he's been having all kinds of difficulty with. It's a part/whole analogies exercise, which is not the easiest concept for a 3 year old to grasp to begin with. However, he does okay on a different analogies exercise in the packet that has clothing and body parts on it (e.g. "toes are part of ____" matched to a picture of a foot).

On the page Rusty has been struggling with there are pictures of 5 items: a cathode ray television set with rabbit ears, a car, a pocket watch, a film camera, and a typewriter. Here are the questions:
  1. "A ribbon is on a _____"
  2. "A windshield is on a ____"
  3. "Film is in a _____"
  4. "Minutes are on a ____"
  5. "A screen is on a _____"
The only one Rusty can answer is #2. He's familiar with watches and television sets, but the ones in our home don't look much like the pictures on the page. And I don't think he has any conception whatsoever of film cameras and typewriters, LOL! I suspect for him they'll be like an 8 track tape player and a telegraph machine would be for folks my age- something we've heard about but never actually used.

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