Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Y'all Are Making Me Look Like a Slacker!

One thing about us Catholic homeschoolers- we are a fertile bunch! I had no idea there were so many of us due at the end of '08/beginning of '09 until I saw a post from Melissa Wiley over at "Here from the Bonny Glen" about it. I'm a bit humbled by the fact that most are on their fifth or more child while I'm only on my third, but I'm only 31 so if it's God's plan to bless us with more there ought to be plenty of time :-)

Congrats to all the other expecting mommies!

Expecting #10:
Kim from "Starry Sky Ranch" in the late fall.

Expecting #9:
Martha of "Yes, They're All Ours" in December.
Elizabeth Foss of "In the Heart of my Home" in December.

Expecting #8:
Mary Ellen Barrett from "Tales from the Bonny Blue House" in January.

Expecting #7
Christine from "Memories of a Catholic Wife and Mother" in October.

Expecting #6:
Melissa Wiley of "Here in the Bonny Glen" in January.
Suzanne Temple of "Blessed Among Men" in December.
Alice Cantrell of "A Number of Things" in December.

Expecting #5:
C.J. from "Light and Momentary" in December.
Stephanie from "...and These Thy Gifts" in January (sorry for the initial mix-up!)

Expecting #3:
Carmen L. of "Carmie's Cozy Conifer Cabin" in November.

P.S. Congrats also to Dana Hanley from "Principled Discovery". She's not a Catholic, but she is expecting #5 :-)


stef said...

LOL, hey, I feel like a slacker myself -- I'm 40 and "only" on #5.

Congrats to you and yours!!

stef said...

oh, and sorry, don't mean to hog your combox here -- but i'm due january 10 :)

Crimson Wife said...

Oops, sorry for the mix-up! Must be that preggo brain :-)