Monday, July 7, 2008

Pity the Poor Little Rich Kids of NYC's Prep Schools

Okay, I know it's not terribly Christian of me to gloat over this quote from an unnamed guidance counselor at one of Manhattan's chi-chi prep schools bemoaning this year's poor placement rate at Harvard and other top colleges (emphasis mine) but I just couldn't resist:

"The Ivies are reaching out for a diverse economic background—even home-schooled students are becoming more of a thing."

The fact that there will be former homeschoolers like Chelsea Link attending Harvard next year but no graduates of $31,200/year Dalton just makes me feel a teeny bit better about not being able to afford the astronomical tuition private schools in our area charge!

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Barbara Frank said...

I recently posted about a homeschooler who was just given a full ride to the University of Chicago, an excellent school. Most homeschooled kids don't have the bucks for private schools, but if they have the brains, they'll get there anyway.