Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Is Fox Scared of Ron Paul?

Dr. Ron Paul told James Pindell of the Boston Globe that Fox News' decision to exclude him from its forum on Sunday is proof that the network is scared of him.

"They are scared of me and don't want my message to get out, but it will. They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative. They will not win this skirmish."
Dr. Paul's spokesman, Jesse Benton, accused Fox of bias against his candidate in the International Herald Tribune:

"Ron brings up some topics that aren't very popular with Fox News, as in fiscal responsibility and withdrawing from the war in Iraq."

Dr. Paul is currently polling ahead of Fred Thompson in New Hampshire. Some believe that he may well come in 3rd in NH, ahead of Giuliani. From The Wall Street Journal:

"Many Republican operatives in New Hampshire, even those affiliated with other campaigns, think Mr. Paul is headed for an impressive, double-digit performance. That he has been polling in the high single digits for months is discounted, because the polls may be missing the depth of his support.

Why? For starters, he appears to be drawing new voters. Polls that screen for 'likely' voters might screen out many Paul supporters who haven't voted often, or at all, before. Many of Mr. Paul's supporters appear to be first-time voters. They will be able to cast their ballots because New Hampshire allows them to register and vote on the day of an election....

There is another reason to discount the polls on Mr. Paul. The one thing that unites his supporters is a desire to be left alone, not only by government, but by irritating marketers and meddling pollsters, too. Mr. Paul's supporters might well be screening their calls and not-so-inadvertently screening out pollsters."

The NH GOP chairman, Fergus Cullen, is also unhappy with Fox News' decision and told the Manchester Union-Leader that:

"Limiting the number of candidates who are invited to participate in debates is not consistent with the tradition of the first-in-the-nation primary. The level playing field requires that all serious candidates be given an equal opportunity to participate -- not just a selected few determined by the media prior to any votes being cast. The state party has notified FOX News of our position and we are in ongoing discussions with FOX News about having as many candidates as possible participate in the forum scheduled for January 6."

I haven't decided yet who I'm going to vote for in the primary, but the way Dr. Paul is being railroaded is making me very angry and more inclined to join the " rEVOLution".

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