Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fox News Gives Ron Paul the Shaft

Question #1- How many of you know a single Fred Thompson supporter? Yeah, me neither.

Question #2- How many of you know multiple Ron Paul supporters? Yeah, me too.

Actually, the only people I know who are really jazzed about their candidate are the Paul fans. Everyone else I know (Republican, Democrat, or independent) are all lukewarm. They may support Romney/Giuliani/Huckabee/McCain/Hillary/Obama/Edwards/etc. but it's with reservations.

I was very disappointed to learn that Fox News has excluded Dr. Paul from its upcoming forum in New Hampshire. It just baffles me why the mainstream media has decided to ignore Dr. Paul when he's got a ton of grassroots support. He raised $19.5 million in the last 3 months of 2007, nearly as much as Hillary Clinton did during the same time frame. He's all over the 'net and I've seen more signs for him around than for any other Republican (granted I live in the Bay Area).

What I really don't get is Fox's decision to include Fred Thompson. Here's a guy who reportedly told voters at a campaign event in Iowa last weekend that he's "not particularly interested in running for president." For all that the Associated Press claims that Thompson has the support of 11% of likely GOP voters as opposed to Paul's alleged 3%, those numbers just don't gibe with my personal observations.

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