Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Oldie but Goodie

I happened to stumble across a link to a really funny piece called "You Know You're in San Francisco When..." via "The Homeschooling Revolution". Be forewarned that some of the content is a bit on the risque side. I'm no Republican, but out here I might as well be Ralph Reed.

Some of the highlights:
  • Huge traffic jams are caused not by vegetable-oil-powered cars but by thousands of bicyclists intentionally messing up traffic just to irritate the Neanderthal motorists.
  • There is an extreme housing shortage, but the political establishment responds by not allowing builders to build.
  • Your family is making more than $125,000 a year, but you can't find a decent apartment, and you can't afford a house.
  • The only flags being waved by marchers at parades have rainbows on them.
  • Each morning, while drinking a latte at Starbucks, you review a complete list of companies you need to boycott.
  • You lament the negative impact of those awful big-box stores on local mom-and-pop hardware stores while you're complaining to the cashier at Home Depot.
  • You enjoy books about the struggles of smaller, independent bookstores that are systematically being taken over by huge corporations -- and you buy them at Barnes and Noble.
  • You won't cross a picket line, and you proudly display your "Buy Union" bumper sticker on your imported car.
  • You're not snobbish -- you just happen to honestly think it's only San Franciscans who know anything about politics, literature, love, food, fashion, culture and art, except for that high-brow director Michael Moore, of "Roger and Me" fame, who hails from Flint, Mich.
Too funny!