Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10 on Tuesday: 10 Useful Internet Sites

The theme of this week's 10 on Tuesday meme is "10 Useful Internet Sites". This was really hard for me to narrow down as I've got a ton of websites bookmarked but here goes:
  1. The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project. This website makes available classic children's literature that are now in the public domain. It is a wonderful resource for nursery rhymes, fables, folk tales, myths, legends, hero stories, fairy tales, Bible stories, Nature stories, biography, history, and poetry.
  2. 1000 Good Books for Children from the Classical Christian Education Support Loop. Wondering where to find children's books that have both literary merit and reinforce traditional Biblical values? Sadly one cannot trust many public libraries these days as their shelves are full of books that are at best trite and at worst deliberately undermines those values. This website is a collaboration of 25 Christian homeschooling moms and the titles are grouped into those best for 1st-3rd grade, 4th-6th grade, 7th-9th grade, and 10th-12th grade.
  3. Classics List for Children and Youth from the appendix of A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a New Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-First Century by Oliver Van DeMille. Overwhelmed by the previous list? These titles are some of the "best of the best" for kids and young people.
  4. Living Math! Got a child who is a bookworm but resists math? Here's an extensive list of books covering mathematical concepts in entertaining story formats indexed by topic.
  5. Reading Your Way Through History Who says history has to be learned from boring, dumbed-down, politically correct textbooks? This website is especially useful for Catholic families who want to see how Biblical and Church history fits in with secular history. Please note that Protestant families will most likely want to skip the titles on the Reformation as they are written from a pro-Catholic viewpoint.
  6. Science Book List from Paula's Archives. "Living books" about science & nature.
  7. A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Ann Zeise has created a Yahoo-like guide to the best homeschooling resources out there.
  8. Love2Learn Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers. Alicia Van Hecke and a group of other Catholic homeschooling moms review both secular and Catholic homeschooling materials.
  9. The TAG Project. Support for families with gifted/advanced children including the TAGMAX e-mail list for homeschoolers.
  10. Catholic Culture. Awesome website for everything Catholic. My favorite part is the "site reviews" section where they rate other websites for fidelity to Church teaching. It can be hard to tell at first glance whether a website calling itself "Catholic" truly is. There are sadly many groups holding unorthodox and/or schismatic beliefs who claim the Catholic label such as the "Catholics" for a Free Choice on the left and the SSPX on the right. I always check the Catholic Culture reviews to see if they rate the site as faithful to the Magisterium.

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jennifer said...

Great list!! I just discovered the Baldwin Project and am lovin' it!!

And what do you think of those Red Sox?? Too early to tell, but maybe they're on their way to the World Series again!
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