Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We Made it Through the First Day of School!

Altogether our first day of kindergarten went relatively smoothly. DD flew through the lessons in Our Heavenly Father, RightStart Math Level B, Language of God Level A and First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind. The only issue I had was that she quit partway through the penmanship practice I had planned. It was over an hour into our formal schoolwork and she'd done some printing of numbers during the math lesson so I suspect she was mostly just tired. Today I'm going to try having her do penmanship earlier in the morning. Also, I came across a Barbie-themed penmanship workbook at Michaels last night so I'm hoping that might motivate her more than the other one.

DD seemed like she was enjoying herself while we were doing the lessons but afterwards when I asked her what her favorite part of homeschool was she answered "nothing". I'll admit that I felt a tiny bit put out by that response, but hopefully it was just 4 3/4-year-old crankiness talking!

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