Monday, August 24, 2009

Considering a Road Trip to Sacramento...

I've never been the kind of girl to attend a protest march or political rally. Just not my kind of thing, KWIM? Yes, I have strong opinions but to take time out of my busy life to go stand around with a bunch of other folks shouting slogans and waving signs? No, thanks.

When I first heard about the "tea party" movement last spring, I'll have to admit I rolled my eyes a bit. Was I mad about the Feds using tax dollars to bail out corporate losers in the financial services and automotive industries? Absolutely. But while I sympathized with the anger behind the tea parties, I didn't think much of the idea of protesting.

At this point, however, I'm so fed up with the whole Obamacare thing. I'm sick of being accused of racism and/or classism and/or being un-Christian and/or a Nazi and/or wanting people to die in the streets for simply having well-founded concerns about the quality of government-run healthcare. It's like the proponents are unable to make a legitimate case for their plan so they're resorting to ad hominem attacks on opponents. And conservatives are the ones being accused of wanting to stifle legitimate debate on the issue? Give me a break!

So I'm now seriously considering heading up to Sacramento on Friday for the national kickoff of the Tea Party Express bus tour. Not because I watch Fox News (we don't have cable or satellite). Not because I listen to talk radio (can't stand it). I'm not even a Republican (proud "decline to state" registeree).

But because I don't want my kids paying exorbitant taxes for mediocre government-run healthcare. It's time to stop being part of the "silent majority" against Obamacare and start speaking out publicly.


Barbara Frank said...

Very well put. Everytime these healthcare proponents stand in line at the DMV, they should realize that's what govt.-run healthcare would look like.

Hope you're feeling better. It's been a long time since I had mastitis, but I haven't forgotten how yucky it is. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Yet you have no problem paying for taxes that go to support a government run school system that you do not use. Or will you be protesting that as well? You dont want your kids to pay those future taxes either right?

Em said...

I'm a new reader. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog (and this post in particular)! We're American ex pats living in England (thus our interest/horror at Obamacare) . We are home educating our three boys (8,6,3). I look forward to keeping up with you at Bending the Twigs. Cheers!

Crimson Wife said...

Actually, I believe that taxpayer funding for education ought to be distributed on a per-student basis in the form of a voucher that can be used for the school of the family's choice (government-run OR private).